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 Chat FAQ

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PostSubject: Chat FAQ   Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:30 pm

Q: What is Pandora?

A: Pandora is a virtual 2D chat where people can upload avatars known as poses, they may also upload their own backgrounds and rooms to chat in. Pandora is a chat created for users that are 16 years or older. Most, if not all general questions can be answered here:

Q: What are Deltas?

A: Deltas are Chatlands money, one may use them to purchase a subscription on the chat, or even use it to buy and sell poses on the forum. Subscriptions are required in order to upload poses or backgrounds, or unlock other interesting features of the chat. You can find the subscription menu on the map.

Q: How do I upload poses?

A: In order to upload poses, you must first have a basic or higher subscription. Then you may go to "The Pools" (or Bodyshop) located on the map to upload your pose. I suggest reading the art FAQ first before uploading a pose!

Q: What should I do if someone is harassing me?

A: If someone is bothering you, using offensive language or anything of the sort, please contact an admin right away! If there are no admins online at the time, copy and paste the log in a message and send it to Moondog.

Q: How do I become an Admin?

A: Usually, we will hold applications on the forum when we are looking to take new members onto our staff. Asking to become an Admin is not an acceptable way to become an Administrator on Pandora! Keep an eye out on the forum, we will also send messages to all the users on the chat when we are open for Admin applications!

Q: I found a bug or error on the chat, what should I do?

A: If you found a bug on the chat, please let one of our admins know right away so we can get it fixed! We are working very hard to please everyone.

Any other questions or concerns that you may have, you can direct to the Forum Moderators or an Administrator, and we'll try our very best to answer them!
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Chat FAQ
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