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PostSubject: !Commands   Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:30 pm

Cheat Commands

This will clear your log, just like you entered the room

Puts a typed message above your user's head. You can also change the color of the message by adding a color code at the end. You can also type !away again or !back to remove the away message.

Adds a user to your list of friends, you MUST have a preferred sub or higher in order to use this.
Remember to put the name after you type !friend

Adds a user to your ignore list. To unignore just type !unignore

Locks your screen if you go AFK. To unlock it, you must retype in your password.

Shows up blue and like an action, mostly used for RollPlay.

Changes the pose you're in. Easier then clicking. So just do !pose name.

Switches which way your pose is facing. Just do !face Left or right.

Logs you off Wanderlands.

Edits the room you either own or have 'kicking' rights in.

Brings up a pop up window with a users profile/sniff.
Makes sure your pop-ups are disabled for the chat or it wont open.

Lists all the users in the rooms profile/sniff into one window.

Shows how many deltas you have remaining, or all in general.

!go forum
Opens up the forums. To view information make sure you're signed up.

!go mysts
Opens new window that shows the mysts, which shows what users are in what rooms.

!go poses
Opens a new window that shows where you can change your colors or even pose sets. Also beings you to where you can upload poses but you must have a sub to do that.

Kicks a user from the room, must be either from your room or a room you have 'kicking' rights in.

    Level 1 - kick from location
    !kick 1 name3

    Level 2 - ban from location for 12 hours
    !kick 2 name3

    Level 4 - ban from location forever
    !kick 4 name3

Lists these commands in a new window.

Makes the room you're in snow.

Makes the room you're in rain.

Page will be updated as new codes come in
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